What is OrientalFX token (OFX)?
OrientalFX (OFX) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency. OrientalFX token belongs to a breed of cryptocurrencies called as utility stablecoins which aim to keep equivalent amount of traditional fiat currencies, like the USD, the EURO. OrientalFX tokens is built base on the Ethereum network, trade under the OFX symbol.1
• OrientalFX token (OFX) is a utility stablecoin, a breed of cryptocurrency which aims to keep valuations stable.
• OrientalFX token (OFX) is used for OrientalFX’s internal Ecosystem to help investors and client of OrientalFX can access to fast and convenient mean of transfers.

Everyone understands that costs of forex trading do drama effect to profitability. Trading commision, spread, account maintenance and deposit/withdrawal fees, those are the most common to consider and those are the main factors when choosing a broker to trade with. With that vision Orientalfx token (OFX) is created by OrientalFX trading platform to provide the best trading environment for traders. Orientalfx token (OFX) is the Ethereum-based (ERC-20) utility token that can be used to reduce deposit/withdrawl fee on the OrientalFX trading plat form.
• Provide lightning-fast transaction
• Store of monetary value, Stable coin to stick to 1 OFX = 1 USD
• Safe and secure
• Received special preference service
Orientalfx token info:
• Name: Orientalfx (OFX)
• Blockchain: Ethereum-based (ERC-20)
• Token Type: Native Token
• Block Time: 1 second
• Total Supply: 125.000.000 OFX

Uses of OFX
• Fast transaction: By using OFX, withdrawal and deposit only take 2 hours in OrientalFX platform.
• Stable value of money: Store of monetary value, Stable coin to stick to 1 OFX = 1 USD
• Secure money: OrientalFx commits to make OFX is 100% paid out to Fiat.
• VIP support: All clients use OFX in OrientalFX will be able to have support from our VIP support department.
• VIP IB rebate scheme: We provide special rebate scheme for our VIP partners.
• Unlimited Withdrawal: In OrientalFX, Daily withdrawal limits can range from 200 USDT to 5000 USDT, but with OFX, clients can have unlimited Withdrawal.